African Storytelling

Posted: September 23, 2012 by phermc10 in Context of Film

Since time immemorial, storytelling has functioned to pass traditions, codes of behavior, knowledge, wisdom and social roles which are essential to keep the African communities alive and united. People do look up to their storytellers, griots, and their marvelous stories engrossing them in thoughts, faiths and emotions of the human mind.

These stories are full of metaphors, connotations, symbols as well as imagery like a film. They depict an assortment of myths, rituals and songs to educate the audience. It was the only way that enriched African people’s daily lives when writing was not yet developed.

Central to African film production, oral stories are used to show what Africa looks like and the social and cultural issues it is facing today. In Keita, one might wonder the modest look and tone of the film which is about the great ancient empire, Mali, but it is usual for African film makers to avoid the reliance on costly special effects techniques to show what they would like to. This is a note-worthy point for the film makers in the third world to learn how to claim their histories, cultures and pride through the possible and effective way. The most important idea is the message they want to send.

Thal Sandy Tun


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