A Matter of Choice

Posted: August 16, 2012 by phermc10 in Personal reflection

As governments decide themselves to adopt an education of which curriculum is filled with western industrialideas, children and youth are trained to become industrial workforce instead of caretakers of local cultural values. Young people move into urban areas where industrial development exists, and as these industries are operating based on the highly competitive global economy on which they have little knowledge or control, they are very vulnerable to unemployment as well as loss of identity and self-esteem. The difference lies in the assimilation of community involvement in the education system which can make a difference for their survival.

What this western education does without being noticed is it degenerates local traditions and way of life from one generation to the next. The curriculum is copied from other industrial countries as it is easier to copy than invent one’s own. Therefore, these curriculums lack the kind of knowledge and values that regional and local communities need to hand down and survive. Then local neighborhoods are soon destroyed with pollution from industries in cities. Old people are left without any relatives to take care of them as the education causes out migration of their off springs.

How many parents are there like Mabo’s mother who wants her son to work in industries? Of course this is a trend with young people today in search of an education and a job. Yet take some time to think what your future will become. You will be stuck in a desk with a computer. You get home late and do not have a word with your children for a week who are also distracted in a virtual world. You switch on TV and watch the news of natural disasters around the world without feeling anything about the victims as they become so frequent. Before you go to bed and sleep, you call your parents living in your hometown to say decencies and good night. What a boring, routinized and robotic life it must be!

Thal Sandy Tun


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