Two Kinds of Knowledge

Posted: August 9, 2012 by phermc10 in Film Critique(Evaluative Analysis)


Western education mainly trains young people to become applicable for industries which concentrate in urban areas. Many young people from rural areas move to cities in order to work in those industries, leaving traditional livelihoods of their own communities behind. From that increasing urbanization, there are many problems facing cities today such as traffic congestion, air pollution, sanitation, waste disposal, overcrowding and crimes.

The decay of traditional livelihoods along with disruption to social adhesion is something to think about in terms of familial values, lineage, mutual respect and guardianship. Many young people are moving away from their root as they graduate and plunge into corporate world. Very few think of returning to their original neighborhoods. There are two reasons for this: the first one is that they think they are no longer fit into working in the local environment because of the study they pursue at universities which is mainly for working in a multinational company and the second one is that they do not know how to contribute to the preservation of local community which largely lacks in their curriculum.

Therefore, in light of the film, we have to do something about school curriculums in order to find a balance between modern western knowledge and traditional local knowledge which can guide us towards achieving a community of young and old people living sustainably on their own land.  We should not forget that sustainability is not just about the environment; it is also about the systems and peoples’ desires on which our societies are built upon.

Thal Sandy Tun


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