Personal Reflection

Posted: July 19, 2012 by phermc10 in Personal reflection
Djeliba is a normal story teller to want keita to know his ancestor’s history. Therefore, he come to keita’s house and start talking the whole story of the keita’s ancestor until keita’s parents conflicted each other. Actually, He is not only telling a story, at the same time, teach some knowledge with the connection to the society. For example, in the movie, he told keita that why the hunter always beats the lion in stories and it is because it’s the hunter who tells the stories, but if the lion tell his stories, he(the hunter) would occasionally win, and think anything what you do, be confident in the future and the last one is the future emerges from the past. In my opinion, it means that whatever we do, we need to think over the past and be confident to do anything in the future. Therefore, I feel the movie give a some message that the past always have a connection the future in any condition.
by Thein Htike Win

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