Peer Screening 2

Posted: July 19, 2012 by phermc10 in Peer Screening
  1. How do you feel about the movie after watching it? What is your first impression?

My first impression about this movie is provoking the curiosity.

2.  What do you think that the griot in the movie is trying to do with Mabo? Have you ever had that kind of person in your life so far?

I think he wants to make Mabo to have knowledge about his origin. I had my grandmother who told me stories.

3. Do you realize the intension of the director of this movie after you watch it? Is he doing something meaningful or successful in doing so? To which audience does he bear in mind?

Honestly, I am not so sure about the intension of the director. I think the message he wants to convey to the audience is not sent effectively to them. It seem like he targets the parents and teachers who focus strongly on western education system.

4. How do you feel about western education as depicted by the movie? Please elaborate.

I feel like western education concentrates the scientific as well as practical knowledge. It cares about not rules, but present than the past and origin.

5. What do you think western education does to our societies? Please elaborate.

From my point, western education changed our societies into capitalist societies which are full of materialism but no warm relationships among the people as well as following duties and responsibility.

6. Do you know the parents of your grandparents? Were they important to you? If yes, in what way? If no, in what way?

Though I know who they are, I have not heard much about them.

7.  What do you think is the dilemma faced by the African societies according to the movie? What aspects do they resemble to your own?

Neglecting own educational customs and origin is the dilemma faced by the African societies. The fact similar to African societies is that our society also was changed to adopt western education system while ignoring traditional learning techniques and customs.

8. Do you think story-telling is important? To whom? What kind of things you think to gain from this kind of continuing practice?

In my opinion, to maintain culture and customs of specific tribes, storytelling is one of the ways which can be used to close the gap between generations. One of the positive points by telling story to younger generation, they can have the chance to know own history and way of daily life in ancient times.

.Thal Sandy Tun




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