Education and Society

Posted: July 16, 2012 by phermc10 in Film Critique(Evaluative Analysis)

The modern schools that we have these days in our society can be equivalentaly compared to the modern capital society. Rather then imparting knowledge, schools focus on social mobility where richer strive to maintain their position and the ones below strive for betterment. In the video “Keita: the heritage of griot “ we see a boy who is being sent to school by his mother, who is a little tilted towards the western world and is convinced that Keita should attend school to be “successful”. After the griot visits the family and starts imparting knowledge about his ancestors, the child gets stuck in between historical education and Eurocentric education.  Afrocentric Education in the movie teaches Mabo about his past, about his origin and identity.The search for his name has the meaning of more than his literal name.

From the portion where we studied about schools in the class, we can assume what Mabo is goint to learn in the class. Keita who is being sent to school will learn nothing more than his position in the social hierarchy is. The sole purpose of him being educated is to put himself in the society, where we can argue that knowing yourself is more important than being trained. Further more what has penetrated peoples mind is ,being successful is related to having a good job, and earning a lot of money. However , the griot believes that without knowing yourself there is no use of being educated. The education being provided in current schools have detached the students from their own culture and nature.

Another thing that we can relate is to  Freires reading where he mentions that students way of learning is an act of depositing knowledge where they learn and take everything in their exams and its done .Whereas the knowledge gained at home will help him gain practical knowledge and helps him to adapt in the surrounding he has been brought up.



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