Reflection: Much more than just entertainment

Posted: July 13, 2012 by phermc10 in Personal reflection

In the film, Western schooling is not teaching anything about African history. Keita! pushes for a more  ‘Afrocentric’ education, where African tradition, not the imported Western standards  is the necessary for African development. Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of education is that it should emphasize on roots and heritage – how they came to be. This can relate to similar discussions about schools in other regions of the world. To illustrate, in the highlands of Peru, schools are being directed by the central Board of Education. The materials being taught are too Westernized and in no way prepare them for their real life. Their Andean history and languages are neglected in the curriculum. These students and cultures struggle to make it in the upcoming world. How can history and culture be kept alive? How will the future generations survive in a world where reality constantly competes with fabricated standards and norms imposed from out of touch places. This is similarly portrayed in the Keita film.



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