Personal Reflection of the Film

Posted: July 8, 2012 by phermc10 in Personal reflection

The movie is a good example centering on the importance of ethnocentric education. Every society has an epic enriched and entangled with daily living, perceptions and values. The introduction of western education and development do not leave room for perpetuation or coexistence of national values or policy makers fail to recognize it. National language, cultural and religious events, literature and livelihoods are corroded as people neglect their own in the lure of new ones. During our childhood, our grandmothers and grandfathers are our griots like Mabo’s. They tell us about traditional characters, national heroes, and religious stories. They are meant to remain with us for life.

Westernization and modernization of our societies are different in their meaning according to Prof.Hideo Kishimoto. Westernization means complete replacement of national cultures by the western elements and their functional role is taken over while modernization is reframing a cultural system into new one without affecting its originality. We have to think about what role and how much space we can give our national elements while we are upgrading our society. It is insensible to allow western education without looking it critically. Personally, I thought a lot about after watching this film, especially Mabo’s mother’s expectation over her son working for a western company, having a good salary and a good life. This is what every one of us who are going to college dream about as education paves the way for it. Human mind is confined in this robot-like life. What will happen next?  People will accept McDonald as their national food, apes as their ancestors, computers as their friends, and surrounded by ugly machines. It is fearful, isn’t it? Men will not be the smartest animal if they become dumb to rethinking, questioning and revolving the forces of westernization for its dire consequences.

Countries who already gained development seem to have successfully maintained the awareness of the importance of national values to some extent but countries still in developing phase are bombarded with more aggressive western cultural invasion through communication information channels which create a gap between the know and not-know. They do not know how to handle the invasion without affecting the existing values. Young people are easily enticed by more active, open, bright and promising future vowed by western education. I accept the betterment of western education like medicine doing good if it is taken in right portion and right manner. It liberates a person, widening his horizon to a whole world. Therefore, it is not wise to restrict our vision only to get a good salary job through education. A good society can be attainable by a good education, that is a combination of both national and western knowledge, and can be sustainable.

Thal Sandy Tun


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