Cinematic Technique

Posted: July 6, 2012 by phermc10 in Film Analysis (Cinematic Technique)

Today professor taught us that the explanation of each film analysis. He told that the story-production and cinematic technique is related each other. So, I need to corporate with one of our member who will do the analysis of the Story-production. I want to tell the Keita movie at the view of Cinematic technique. The background music is African folk song. When the little child( ManBo Keita) tell his ancestor history from the traditional story teller Djeliba, the director for this movie did not use any music. Because he wants audience to understand the natural sound (for example: tree sound, wind sound, and human whispering sound) in this part, however, at the same time, the director uses African folk music in the past events. I thought that the director wanted the audience to know the African folk music at that kingdom times and the present of Africa. The director showed a lot of stereotype of the African movie do not use any flashback or black and white. It means that cinematic techniques is not same between in this part of Africa region and in the Asia countries.

Thein Htike Win


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