Personal Reflection

Posted: July 5, 2012 by phermc10 in Personal reflection

The movie shows historical West Africa and the West Africa that exists in the present day. Both story lines , the historical one and the modern one are initiated by a hunter who claims that he is just passing by. In the historical one he foretells the birth of Sundjata whereas in the modern one he tells the griot to go to Mabo to tell him about his history.  Another thing that can be seen in the movie is the the boy who is trapped in between the “Eurocentric” studies and his historical African knowledge. The griot gives him moral teachings about the destiny of human beings . On the other hand the teacher teaches him the creation of earth in a modern way. The entire movie is based on a quest where a child finds the meaning of his name.

Furthermore,in the movie the griot and the teacher have been turned into two different means of teaching the new generation. The two sides perceive themselves as competing interests,trying to shape the mind of the young Mabo. We can say that , in the end, the work of the Griot wins since Mabo himself turns into a teacher for his friends and starts telling them the story about his ancestors , but it is unlikely that he will turn his back on what he has learned at school.  According to the Griot, knowledge passes around generations and is passed on from the past to the center future.



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