What Are We Doing? A FILM ANALYSIS !

Posted: June 11, 2012 by phermc10 in Introduction

This is a group project blog!


Our objective is to analyze the film Keita! The Heritage of the Griot from a standpoint that questions the current education system and its aims. Meanwhile, referring and connecting to our course materials. We have divided and assigned roles with in our group to maintain a focused and manageable process. Each member may contribute their own opinions and insights about the film or to other members work. Our goal is to be able discuss the context of the story outside of the consumer level and beyond the film as just entertainment.

Some Background information: We are a some group of five people in a lecture course designed to discuss the topic of Education and Society. We attend a small international university in Japan. In our environment here we are connected by our differences. We share and learn for one another about cultures, perspectives and how we relate. Working in groups challenges our own perspectives and cultures and prepares us the global society in the future.  



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